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Music, technology, culture and innovation are the drivers behind Mr.Sonic's award winning production philosophy. Dive into the sounds that will keep you on the dance floor and let the beat take you to a journey around the globe.

Suda (Work that body) Mr.Sonic Remix

Turning what seems to be a traditional latin urban song into an anthemic and explosive blend of colors and cultures.

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This highly curated compilation contains exclusive unreleased songs by some the top artists in the world, including tracks by Akon, Zion and Nacho. It also features some of the hottest up and coming artists like Brazil 21, Twister El Rey and Love Jimo from Ghana. And last but not least, you'll also find some hits from your all time favorite artists like Don Omar and Edwin Bonilla produced by Mr.Sonic. Enjoy a multicultural experience by dancing Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Afrobeat, Latin Urban Pop and Dance Hall.

Vision and Growth and 

Vision and Growth and 

Vision and Growth and 

Vision and Growth and 

Vision and Growth and 

New technologies to drive Zumba into the future.


  • Mental Health is the new fitness.


  • Blending cultures to find new sounds.


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